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Refinancing a Home: How to Find the Best Rates

In order to make the most of your mortgage refinance, you need to know when rates are going to be low enough for you to save money.

The Covid-19 pandemic shows yet again how little Americans prepare for financial problems. As people either lost or changed jobs, their slim savings left them in dire straights.

Fortunately, many people also possess at least one valuable asset: their homes. This may help explain why mortgage refinance has skyrocketed this year.

Refinancing provides you with ready cash that can help you weather a rough financial patch. Of course, you still want the best possible deal.

So, how do you find the best mortgage rates. Keep reading for our guide on finding the best rates.


There are several preliminaries you must get out of the way before you look to refinance a mortgage.

If possible, get your credit score up a little. Getting the balances down on your credit cards offers a fairly quick path to a better score.

Make sure your title is not encumbered. A title with hidden problems can derail your home refinance efforts.

You can also look for ways to boost your income, such as taking a second job. A higher household income level can help you qualify for lower interest rates. Lenders view that a higher income level as a good indication that you can pay the loan.

Watch the Financial News

A lot of things affect the interest rates that you’ll get on your mortgage refinance. The current mortgage interest rates are comparatively low, but that can change.

The Fed announces interest rate changes, but analysts typically call these changes in advance. If you keep an eye on the financial news, you’ll know ahead of time if rates will rise or fall.

That information helps you plan when you should apply. If rates will likely rise, you might apply sooner. If rates will likely fall, you might wait a month or two.

Shop Around

Most people will do substantial research before making a major investment. For example, you probably compared safety ratings before buying your last car.

You should adopt a similar approach with your refinance. Don’t just accept your bank’s options as the only choices. Different lenders offer different refinancing packages.

You can often find a better interest rate with another lender. In addition, you can also find lenders willing to negotiate on more of the points. This can leave you with better terms all the way around.

Securing the Best Mortgage Rates

Securing the best mortgage rates does take some work, but it’s worth the effort for how much you can save.

Start with the preliminaries.

Shine up your credit score. Boost your income. Make sure your title is clear.

Keep an eye on the financial news. That will alert you if interest rates will likely rise or fall in the near future.

Shop around with different lenders. You can often secure better terms that way.

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