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Consumer First Title is renowned for its commitment to delivering inclusive title and settlement services. Catering to the needs of homebuyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders alike, our esteemed reputation speaks to our dedication to professionalism and proficiency.


Our title company in Plantation, FL, is a symbol of excellence. You’ll receive a friendly atmosphere with personalized attention and expert guidance during the entire closing process. An individual buying his first home, selling a property, or being involved in a complex commercial transaction is welcome to get assistance from our dedicated team for a smooth and efficient closing experience for you.


One-Stop Shop for All Your Title Needs


  • Title searches and examinations

  • Document preparation

  • Quit claim deeds

  • Escrow services


At Consumers First Title, transparency and fairness are our guiding principles. We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to affordable and reliable title and settlement services. As a trusted title company in Plantation, FL, our team is knowledgeable about and approved by various City and County grant programs available in the Plantation area, including Broward Housing grants, Florida Housing programs, and MDEAT (Miami-Dade) grants. We’re here to assist you in navigating the application process and securing the financial assistance required to realize your dream of homeownership.


Why Trust Us?


You can trust Consumers First Title to prioritize the security of your data, adhering to industry best practices, standards, and regulatory requirements. We maintain consistent communication with all parties involved in your closing, fostering a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere for a smooth and successful transaction. Whether you’re in South Florida or beyond, count on Consumers First Title as your trusted partner for expert real estate closings.


We take pride in exceeding expectations by providing expert guidance and personalized service for all your property buying, selling, or refinancing needs. Get in touch with our plantation office office today to discover how we can help you with all your title insurance and settlement requirements.